Monday, November 1, 2010

Brendan Murphy

In 1985 Brendan Murphy came to Pittsburg State University on a track scholarship. He then decided to become a Commercial Graphics major, in fear of getting hurt as an athlete. This decision ended up leading to a very successful career in the graphics industry. On October 15th Murphy came back to PSU to give a symposium, but unfortunately I was unable to attend due to a class conflict. I was able to get a few notes from people who did attend, but mostly just a few quotes and facts.

If there’s one thing about Murphy’s success that is inspiring to me more than anything it’s that a student from a relatively small university in south east Kansas can get so far in the industry. This says to me that employers care more about what you have to offer than where your diploma came from and I like that idea. Sure, I love Pitt State, but I don’t expect many people to recognize or know of it outside this area.

Murphy also seemed to have talked about writing a typography quite a bit. I never thought about the use of technical writing in the graphics field before, but it’s a cool thing to think about. I enjoy writing and even though it may not always be fun, I like the idea of getting to use writing as well as graphic design when working. Now, about typography, this seems to be something stressed in all our classes at Pitt State as well as by industry professionals like Murphy. I am confused why the department decided we didn’t need a typography class anymore. I would love to take a typography class, especially considering how important it seems to be. It seems to me like this should be a class everyone in GIT should have to take early on, like page layout and image comp.

I wish I would have been able to attend this symposium, from what I have seen of notes and other student blogs it seems like Murphy had some interesting things to say that might not be what most speakers talk about.

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