Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Newspaper Ad Design

Target Audience: With my newspaper ads I am attempting to go after two different demographics. My first ad, which is a bit smaller with all text and a discount offer, is aimed at a older and more traditional crowd as well as lower income. The purpose of this ad is not to show that we take great pictures, but to entice people to come to our website and see what they can get for the money. My second ad was larger with an illustration of CDs, a computer, and a photo album with the tagline “On Disk. Online. In Print.”. The reason I did this was to let people know that unlike an overwhelming majority of photography companies, we will give you a CD with digital files as well as an online gallery of your photos. The target audience here is younger and more tech savvy people who that would appeal to. The reason I didn’t want to use pictures in the ads is because they would not print nicely on newsprint.

Call to Action: My call to action is the same in both ads despite the different target audiences: go to our website. The website is the only means of communication or location listed and this is done intentionally. When people go to the site they will be able to see all kinds of examples of our work and get contact and pricing information whenever they want, night or day.

3 x 6 = 18 x $4 = $72 for a 5.75” by 6” ad
2 x 3 = 6 x $4 = $24 for a 3.79” by 3” ad

Totals $96 dollars, total budget was $100.

Production Schedule:
October 7, 2010: Start project, begin thinking about theme and budget.
October 12, 2010: Have theme for ad decided, ad amount and sizes as well.
October 14, 2010: Thumbnails and roughs of ad design completed.
October 19, 2010: Create digital files
October 21, 2010: Finish up digital files
October 26, 2010: On screen critique
October 28, 2010: Revise and turn in files

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