Monday, November 15, 2010

Presentation on Emerging Media

I attended the VML presentation by Joe Grigsby at the FSRTC. VML strives to deliver creative solutions at the intersection of marketing and technology. This presentation was about emerging media, primarily social and mobile. Emerging media can basically be defined as consumer behavior trends that transform how people connect to content, to each other, and to the broader society. There are basically two main categories: Social and Mobile.

Social media

In 2010 66% of all media is digital and 76% of people with broadband internet connections contribute to social media via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or any other number of social media outlets. An interesting piece of information included in the presentation was that if Facebook were considered a country with number of active users as its population, it would be the third largest country in the world. Grigsby talked about how companies are getting involved in the social media scene with facebook identities, twitter accounts, blogs, etc. Southwest airlines has an entire team of full time employees who manage the company’s online presence. Some companies shy away from social media and would rather put all their focus on traditional marketing as if too avoid potential negative feedback. The truth is that consumers will talk about a company within social networking whether the company is directly involved or not, so why not get involved? Give thanks for positive comments and try to fix the problems of those who aren’t so satisfied with your goods or services. A company can use social media and social networking to help drive consumer behavior. People will always trust other people like themselves more than traditional advertising, so if you have real people posting positive things on your facebook page it can make a world of difference.


14% of teenagers can text blindfolded, this just goes to show you how important the mobile world and market is becoming. Faster network speeds, coupled with better devices and flat rate data plans, leads to mass market value adoption. By 2011 there will be more smart phones in use than regular feature phones and 32% of internet traffic will be mobile. With newer and better phones coming out every day and devices like the iPad taking the market by storm mobile media will only continue to grow.

Even though it may not seem like it, social and mobile media are still relatively new ideas. Many companies have not embraced them yet to their full potential. The companies who embrace this idea now, who have mobile friendly websites or phone apps and have a facebook page you can like, are the one’s who will likely be the most successful.

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