Thursday, December 16, 2010

Digital File Prep: Final Project

Early on this semester I saw some old iMacs sitting in the corner of a class room. The old G4’s with the gooseneck screens that could swivel around. The more I looked at them the more I could see a potential in them to express emotion and really be the perfect subject for some kind of photography project. I decided to incorporate that photography project into my final project for Digital File Prep.

My first thought was to do some sort of take on the “motivational” posters that we all know so well, but eventually gave up on that idea as it didn’t seem to serve much of a purpose. Instead, I came up with a campaign the old Macs would be perfect for, “Save a Mac”. This campaign urges people who have old Macs that sit in the closet to get them out and put them to a practical use. I decided to do a flyer of information, along with a set of 10 posters each with a different pose of the above mentioned iMac in black and white. While started as a fictional idea, “Save a Mac” is becoming more real every day.

For more information about “Save a Mac”, visit

Overall Dimensions
10 unique posters at 11”x17”
Flyer at 8.5”x11”

Posters and flyer both have 1/8” bleed.

Flat or folded
Posters are flat, flyer is folded once down the middle.

Purpose of the piece
The purpose of my posters and flyer is to promote the “Save a Mac” campaign. This campaign aims to get dusty old macs back in use by suggesting practical ways to use them.

Target Audience
My target audience is people who have recently upgraded to a new Macintosh computer, who are planning on upgrading soon, who have access to old Macintosh computers, or who are Apple fans in general.

Call to Action
The call to action of my posters is to promote the campaign. Each poster has a website URL if someone wants more information. The purpose of the flyer is to get people to use the information contained within to help them put their old Mac to use.

A full set of posters (10) with accompanying flyer runs about $5.00 (when you do 50 sets), likely much cheaper if done in larger quantity.

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