My Work

If you would like to view some examples of my work you can visit the following places:

Josh Herder Online Portfolio
This is my online portfolio. I made this site using wordpress along with a customized theme and a few plug-ins. I made a few different categories and in each posted some examples of work I've done, both in classes here at PSU and on my own time.

Website Design Project's Page
This website links to all my projects for my website design class. If you would like to see more examples of my web design work, this would be a good place to go.

Connection Photography
This is a link to Connection Photography, a small photography business started by myself and my fiance. We take all kinds of pictures from wedding photos to senior pictures and everything in between. I set this website up using wordpress and altering a free template to look the way we wanted.

Captain Productions
This is a website I made to showcase some of the work I've done creating content for the popular video game Halo. This is a game I really like and back in late 2003 I decided I wanted to make maps/levels for it and add new content. Since then I have done all sorts of things with the game. Most of the work I did with 3D Studio Max. 3D modeling is something I do solely for fun in my own time and have learned all on my own with the help of the internet. There are also videos I made of the game, mostly mashed together with windows movie maker.